Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I have had some enquiries lately that asked questions.
To answer some here I am posting this.
I do not charge or expect and  fee.
Age is not a barrier I have dealt with ladies in their 50's and girls in their late teens.
I usually only deal with females, but remain open to disciplining men and TV/CD.
Hope that helps.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Could this be you? I am now accepting applications from suitable candidates, email me at

Hi all,
After a period of illness and some turmoil I am back.
I will be taking on new subjects, so if you are interested do feel free to apply.
I will consider any application from beginners to experienced subjects.
Check back soon for news and new posts.

Friday, November 4, 2011

A well punished bottom

Lucy has been seriously misbehaving lately and I recieved a call from her mother earlier in the week. I called around last evening and after a discussion with her mother it was decided that a sound thrashing was required immediatly and also that going forward I will call each Thursday evening to deal with her on a weekly basis.
We both informed Lucy that she was to be thrashed and she was sent to her room to fetch the strap and the cane that are kept there. needlesss to say there were tear filled eyes and pleas for forgivness, neither of which had any effect.
Upon returning Lucys mum helped her to remove her skirt and top, leaving her with only her vest and panties. I ordered Lucy over the arm of the settee then pulled her cotton panties down to her knees and ordered her to open her legs as wide as her panties would allow. Her mum sat on the settee and held her tightly by the shoulders to ensure she remained in position. I picked up the taswe , a nice two tailed strap raised it high and began her strapping, six good had lashes delivered slowly across the bottom of her buttocks and the tops of her legs. she shrieked and wailed in the way that naughty girls always have done as her bottom went from pink to deep crimson, her feet hopping up and down as she was taught the first part of her lesson.
Once her strapping was was completed her mother continued to hold her in position as she caught her breath and I swished the cane , a nice junior rattan, through the air to warn of what was yet to come. She blubbed and begged not to be caned, promising to behave in future, but as her mother commented "consequences have to be understood and this is the consequence of bad behaviour". With that I commenced her caning, tapping her now bruised bottom before each stroke, giving her six in all, each leaving a beautiful scarlet line across her pert young bottom.
Afterwards we put standing hands on head in the corner for twenty minutes before allowuing her to get into her nightdress and go to bed, though not before reminding her that she should understand that this will now be the norm for her Thursday evenings going forward.

Monday, October 12, 2009

M..the teen hidden in the woman

Wow, I have been very busy, to the degree that I let things slip with the blog. The reason? A young (21) year old new student of mine, who we shall refer to as M. M is from Dublin, and for many years her life has been that of one who drifted from job to job and man to man. She contacted me in early September and having met her and talked to her I agreed to take responibility for her discipline and personal developement.
Like many young women M thought she was sexually and personally aware because she she has been having sex since her mid teens. This showed in attire when we first met and especially so when she arrived for her first lesson. She was dressed in a very short skirt, tight top and wearing a slight lace thong and matching bra.
While I would normally take time to introduce a girl to the idea of corporal punishment, perhaps by starting with just a spanking, or a light strapping , I decided there and then that to adopt a much stricter line with M. I undressed her, made her kneel on the bed, and gave her a sound dozen with my best strap (7mm thick, 500mm long, and 50mm wide) followed by 10 of the best with the Junior cane. She broke towards the end of the strapping and by time I had caned her was sobbing like a little girl. After spending 20 minutes in the corner I allowed her to dress and sat her down to discuss how she felt inside. She started to cry as she confessed to how ashamed she felt about being a slut(her words) and how she wished she had taken more time and care in life , especially her sex life.
Being bent over the bed and being strapped, she said, had made her cry so much not just because it hurt, but because it made her feel like she was 13 and someone cared about her and loved her.
That very day it was decided that in order for her to develope properly she needed to become 13 again and to relive her teenage years as they should have been. How that has been happening will be the subject of my next post.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Properly dressed!

I had a lady arrange to visit me for a sound lesson at the weekend. In our discussions prior to her attending it was agreed that she would be spanked and then recieve 8 with the cane, something which was reminiscint of her teenage experiences, she was also seeking "comfort" afterwards. I had made a point of pointing out that she should dress appropriately for her punishment, which by its nature almost always requires an element of humility. Imagine my surprise when she arrived in a short denim skirt and I discovered, a flimsly red thong! I lectured her as to the silliness of her dress and then gave her a lesson common sense by strapping her across the panties, because she was wearing a thong the "panties" offered her no protection at all from the stinging "thud" of the strap. She did recieve the rest of the session as arranged, but when leaving she did admit that in future she will be wearing underwear more appropriate to the purpose!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The most wonderfull sound

I had occassion last night to punish a most lovely young lady. I have to say that the gasps,moans, and cries as I strapped her bare bottom were exquisite. It has to be said that whether as punishment or for pleasure, the cries of a punished female are the most beautiful sound in the world..even Mozart could not compose anything that comes close!